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The Kendall Report is a commitment to empowering individuals to master their finances and achieve their investment goals. We provide powerful and effective strategies to simplify investing, manage risk, and become a master of financial management.

Our mission is to help you realize the unlimited potential of mastering your financial destiny. Through our expert guidance and proven methodologies, we enable you to achieve financial freedom and live life on your own terms.

Join us on this journey of financial mastery and discover the freedom that comes from living a life of abundance and prosperity.


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GME Roaring Kitty Conspiracy Unpacked

Bob writes daily market breakdowns over at https://kendallreport.substack.com/ Welcome to The Kendall Report, where I, Bob Kendall, share my 44 years of experience to help you manage your portfolios and protect your wealth. Remember to subscribe, like, and share these videos to stay updated. In tonight’s video, I will unpack …

Markets Look Forward to Friday’s Unemployment Numbers | Commentary for Thursday March 9, 2023

Bob discusses the patterns that are currently unfolding in the market and the anticipation for Friday’s unemployment numbers. The market has been trading sideways for the past 10 days, but the analyst predicts that it will start climbing up again, with the NASDAQ showing better strength than the other indexes. …

Powell Dump….Follow Through? | Daily Commentary for Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

The market has experienced a one to two day drop followed by upward movement, but Bob clarifies that this does not indicate a bull market. Instead, the market is expected to remain sideways. Bob discusses indicators such as the recent selling in the database and Powell’s statements on inflation and …

The Foundation of the WaveTech Models

A Brief History on the Model Development of WaveTech One of the greatest advantages that quantitative or systematic traders bring to the investment process is the consistency of problem-solving that comes from being a technologist and having mathematical computation skills to develop processes with high probabilities.   When developing WaveTech, …

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